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Happy Holidays
By Angela Sadat / November 16, 2019

Gratitude = Joy

We love November! Cold as it may be, we are reminded by this month that even though the winter is...

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By Angela Sadat / August 25, 2019

Marketing Momentum Makes You Money

We love marketing homes! Why? Because this is where strategy and creativity come together. Marketing stretches us, as a team,...

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Buying A Home, Moving, Remodel
By Angela Sadat / July 16, 2019

Remodel or Move?

Many of our clients call us each year asking about small to large projects that they are considering in their homes.

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Buying A Home, Home Warranty
By Angela Sadat / June 10, 2019

What Is A Home Warranty And Do I Need One?

We talk to a lot of buyers and sellers each year and the home warranty discussion often comes up. Do...

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By Angela Sadat / May 10, 2019

ASG Market Update May 2019

What is happening in the Twin Cities real estate market in May 2019?

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Buying A Home, Sell My Home
By Angela Sadat / April 2, 2019

3 Reasons To Move UP Now!

We have lots of clients calling us this month to ask us about timing their move from their starter home...

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Buying A Home, Investment Properties
By Angela Sadat / February 26, 2019

Investment Property for 3-5% Down? Yep!

So… do you happen to know a friend or family member, maybe a son or a daughter, who is looking...

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Buyer Bulletin, Buying A Home, Sell My Home
By Angela Sadat / January 25, 2019

Real Estate Outlook 2019

Many of our clients are calling us early this year, as they are getting the “itch” to get moving on...

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Buyer Bulletin, Happy Holidays, Seller Summary
By Angela Sadat / December 14, 2018

Our Gift to You and Yours

We has tons of resources right here on our website for you to get expert advice on nearly every step of selling and buying homes.

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ASG News, Gratitude
By Angela Sadat / November 19, 2018

Scanning For Gratitude

Did you know that studies have been done on gratitude and how it affects a person in their daily life?

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Fall Market
By Angela Sadat / October 25, 2018

Fall Market 2018: Are We Getting “Shifty?”

So… The median sales price in the Twin Cities is up 7.2% since last year and the days on market...

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Fall Market, Sell My Home
By Angela Sadat / September 21, 2018

Case Study: Prepping The Listing In A Seller’s Market?

We meet with clients who have all kinds of needs each season and one of the greatest needs they share...

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By Angela Sadat / July 28, 2018

ASG Buyer Bulletin: Inspections? What Inspections?

Angela discusses the various inspections buyers might choose to have performed on their soon to be new home.

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Seller Summary
By Angela Sadat / July 26, 2018

ASG Seller Summary: Why Does the Buyer’s Financing Matter?

Does it matter what type of financing your buyer is using to purchase your home?

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August Market Update
By Angela Sadat / July 25, 2018

ASG Market Update: July 2018

Let’s look at the Twin Cities real estate inventory and sales trends for July of 2018. Is now a good...

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